Our Story

Back in the summer of 2017, Cohen Pert was busy at work building his shack.  Now, this was not just any shack….. this was “Cohen’s Shack”.  As structural plans, business cards, and new employees were hired  and trained it was clear that Cohen had a deep drive to BUILD something.   Even though he was only nearing his 8th birthday this was not playtime.  This was serious and in no way could anyone chuckle as his sweet, innocent, yet super determined (and quite comical) perspective he shared with those around him- this was FOR REAL.

As this drive was deep  with Cohen it made us think that our kids need to think beyond the lemonade stand and start to gain a perspective of what they could do when they are old.  There are so many stories from successful business leaders and entrepreneurs that we wanted to create materials that was simply rich in content and experiences but also entertaining for a parent and child to embark on meaningful conversations that could mold a young dreamer into a future doer.